Introducing... the Rock Bar.

The simplest of solutions.

The Rock Bar gear and training case

Whatever you want, whenever you want it.

You’ve been cycling for what feels like hours. The sun is beating down and there’s a light breeze in the air. You’ve got plenty of water — your bike came with a water bottle holder — but you’re starting to get hungry. And with no pockets in your lycra cycling shorts, you couldn’t pack anything to eat. 

Sound familiar? Well, Rock Bar Cycling have you covered. Our innovative, lightweight storage case can be used to store anything from snacks to tools.

Why is this case better than others?

Health and fitness are two words on everybody's lips, and a lot of people are beginning to strive for these things by taking up a more healthful diet, doing more vigorous exercise, doing muscle-strengthening workouts, and being more mindful to their body's needs in general. And what better way to get a full-body workout than grabbing your bike and getting outdoors?

The Rock Bar’s primary goal is simple: to make cycling easy. Whether you’re cycling to work, biking around your local nature reserve, or descending a mountain, our case provides some much-needed luggage space.

Our customers use their cases to transport energy drinks, cereal bars, plasters, batteries, repair kits, and more.

Because the Rock Bar case can be attached to any number of locations on the bike — the handle bars, the down tube, the top tube, and even the forks — using it couldn’t be any easier. With an easy-to-open zip-lock lid and adjustable straps, our case has been designed with the needs of the individual cyclist in mind.

So much so that, for the cyclists among us who would prefer not to carry it on your bike, it can even be attached to the straps of backpacks.

However, storage isn’t the only thing the Rock Bar is good for; it can also help with weight training. Simply add some weights to the case, attach it to your bike, and you’ve instantly increased your resistance and taken your workout to the next level. The Rock Bar gear and training case was designed to hold 7lbs of steel weight. 

All this for just £29.99 via Amazon.

Close-up of the Rock Bar gear and training case