How big is the case?

Good question. The Rock Bar case is 32cm in length. This provides an inside space of 28cm x 5cm x 6cm, in which you can fit a such things as tools, batteries, a small type pump, an energy drink (providing it's no more than 8oz), and cereal bars.

How much does it cost?

The Rock Bar gear and training case costs just £29.99 from Amazon, and we don't charge for delivery in the U.K.

What can I use it for?

What you use the Rock Bar gear and training case for is entirely up to you. As mentioned above, you can fit tools, food, drink, and other bits and bobs into it. You can even fill it with weights, but more about that below.


How do I attach it to the bike?

How you attach the Rock Bar to your bike depends on where you decide to affix it. It can be attached to the handlebars, the top tube, the down tube, or the forks. More detailed information about how to affix the case can be found here.


Can I use the case for weight training? If so, how?

Yes, you can. The Rock Bar is an excellent tool for helping you to achieve a great workout and to boost your endurance. Just add your desired weight to the Rock Bar. However, more information on this can be found here.


What are the benefits of the Rock Bar?

"The possibilities are endless," as they say. The Rock Bar helps you to cycle for longer by giving you space to pack foods and drinks, boosts your workout and increases your endurance over time by offering you space to store weights, and has you covered in a puncture emergency by providing enough space for type pumps and repair kits.