How to use

You can attach the Rock Bar gear and training case to several different locations on your bike, including the handlebars, top tube, down tube, and the forks. Below, learn how.

Attach to handlebars

To attach the Rock Bar case to bikes with MTB handlebars, you can do so either above or below the brake levers. Depending on your choice, the affixing straps will go around the handlebars or both the handlebars and the brake levers. You can also attach the Rock Bar to road bars, in which case you must affix the case behind the wires.

Rock Bar attached to handlebars

Attach to top tube

When attaching your case to the top bar, the loops must be facing downward and the zipped lid should be facing the direction of travel. Adjust the straps so that they are weighted accordingly and the case does not move around in transit.

Rock Bar attached to top tube

Attach to down tube

To affix the gear and training case to the down tube, simply ensure that it is attached to the tube low enough so that it does not make contact with the front wheel or the chainring. Ensuring that the loops are facing down and the zipped lid is positioned at the top of the case, toward the front wheel, is optimal.

Rock Bar attached to down tube