Weight training tips

The beauty of the Rock Bar case is that it's multifunctional. Yes, it carries your gear — but it can also help you to achieve a great workout. Simply swap out your energy drink and miniature tyre pump for some weights.
The Rock Bar case was designed to hold 7lbs of steel weight.   


Long climbs

For training during longer climbs, we recommend adding no more than 7lb to the Rock Bar. Because cycling uphill for long periods of time will require the rider to moderate their RPM, gear, cadence, and overall speed, it is advised that you add no more than half a pouch — or around 2.5lb — each time you add weight. 

Build the weight up slowly until you can reach your maximum. Start at 2.5lb, and when you find that you can ride at a consistent cadence and gear ratio, add another 2.5lb. When you have hit your limit on the weights, further your weight training by upping your cadence.

Finally, if you're really strong, you could even add a second Rock Bar to your bike for additional weight training.

Short climbs and sprint training

The Rock Bar can also help with shorter climbs and sprint training, which require much shorter bursts of energy than longer climbs do.

For this, we recommend starting out with 5lb of weight in the Rock Bar. Of course, you can start lighter if you don't feel up to this yet. To warm up, ride at your own easy pace for around 15 minutes, and then commence with your regular training routine.

This one is all about experimentation. Try a variety of speeds, gears, cadences, and weight amounts. You'll soon find out what works for you in your short climbs.

Again, you may be able to work up to adding a second Rock Bar training case to further up your workout.

Out on the track

If you're a track cyclist, you'll know that gears aren't allowed to be changed on the track. This is where the Rock Bar case comes in; adding extra weight to it will increase your endurance and ultimately make for a harder workout. In this context, the Rock Bar is particularly useful.

Start light again. Gradually add weight and always keep your limits and strength in mind. Aim for no more than 7lb — but you can go up to 14lb if you're really strong and have a second Rock Bar case attached to your bike.